• ArtCan's support helps the Art Canada Institute translate its online art books into French

Art Canada Institute Online Art Book Translation

The Canadian Online Art Book Project is the inaugural program of the Art Canada Institute (ACI), a national, nonprofit research organization based at Massey College, University of Toronto. Each year, the ACI publishes six free ebooks in both French and English—digital volumes that give Canadians unprecedented access to the artists, images, documents, and stories that define the nation's visual culture. The French translation of these titles has been made possible in part by funding from ArtCan.

Since its launch in late 2013, the ACI has released the following 12 titles:

Jack Chambers: Life & Work by Mark A. Cheetham, University of Toronto

Kathleen Munn: Life & Work by Georgiana Uhlyarik, Art Gallery of Ontario

Michael Snow: Life & Work by Martha Langford, Concordia University

William Notman: Life & Work by Sarah Parsons, York University

Paul-Émile Borduas: Life & Work by François-Marc Gagnon, Concordia University

Zacharie Vincent: Life & Work by Louise Vigneault, Université de Montréal

Harold Town: Life & Work by Gerta Moray, University of Guelph

Joyce Wieland: Life & Work by Johanne Sloan, Concordia University

Paul Kane: Life & Work by Arlene Gehmacher, Royal Ontario Museum

Emily Carr: Life & Work by Lisa Baldissera, University of London

Yves Gaucher: Life & Work by Roald Nasgaard, Florida State University

Pitseolak Ashoona: Life & Work by Christine Lalonde, National Gallery of Canada

To learn more about the Art Canada Institute's ebook series, please visit http://www.aci-iac.ca/art-books/.